Thursday, February 24, 2011

Credits Screen

Credits Screen

by Jet


Another script from me, Jet. Anyways, I personally have never seen this done well enough for me to be like "Hey, there is no need to script this again." I was bored one day and just coded this up real quick. Made it as simple as possible for even the newbs to use with some ease.


- Scrolls up all cool
- Easy to configure
- Auto-center option
- And more...



Credit (Get it?)



  1. Hi.

    This script looks awesome, and I'm really wager to use it.

    I've read the script instructions about 50 times and I seem to be following your instructions fine. BUT every time the credits have finished rolling it takes me back to the title screen although I specifically put the "scene_map" command in. Also I get an "argument error" error box popping up every now and then but not always.

    Any chance you could give me a pointer as to what I'm doing wrong?


  2. I've been having the same problem as the guy above

  3. Should be fixed now, grab the newer script

  4. Where do you place it in the RPG Maker VX's scripts?

  5. Never mind, I found out where to post it, I am just wondering if there is anyway to stop it from going to the title because in the game I am slowly making, I want to throw in a image that basically says "Thanks You for Playing" or "The End" or "Fin" or something among those lines. Is there?