Saturday, September 11, 2010

Code Snippets (51 total)

This is my collection of code snippets i make for fun. I just release to the public in case they want them or see them as handy. This is not a shop, don't ask me to write you a snippet. I write these in my spare time and therefore, requests ruin my fun.

Here is a list of all my snippets here, useful more so when i get more. Descriptions for snippets can be found here in the list.

WindowSkin Snippet: This lets you have custom windowskins for every default window in the program.
Hide Text Box Snippet: This lets you make a text box that can be hidden, then brought back up by the player.
Run/Guard Hotkey: This lets you assign a button for quick access in battle that lets the player guard, or run.
Run/Guard Hotkey ATB Version: Does the same as the above, except works only with ATB.
Aliased Load Menu Option: It adds a Load menu option for quick loading.
Speed Save: This lets you assign a button to bring up the save menu quickly.
Extra Windows: This adds extra windows to the main menu, decided by you.
Parameter Icons: This adds icons next to parameters. Not yet compatible with Enelvon’s luck and resistance scripts.
Success Bar: This lets you create a bar of success that can turn switches on/off.
Change Actor Options: This allows you to change actor options like super guard or two swords style.
No Actor EXP: This allows you to define actors that cannot gain exp for some reason or another.
Change Windowskin: This lets you change the windowskin will in-game with a simple script call.
Cheat System: This lets you add a cheat system to your game.
Records Window: Allows you to show a window with values of variables in it.
Level Up Effects: Lets you add extra effects when the player levels up.
Disable Battle Commands: Allows you to disable commands like “attack”, “skill” and such in battle.
“If Party Has Equipped”: Allows you to quickly check if anyone in the party has a certain weapon/armor equipped.
“If Party Has Skill: Same as above but with learned skills instead.
Set Actor’s Max Level: Allows you set set each actor’s maximum level individually.
Break States: Lets you designate states to break HP and MP, making them 0 at a hit.
Immortal States: Lets you designate states that make the character immortal.
Diagonal Map Scroll: Lets you scroll the map diagonally.
Percentage of Damage: Lets you deal a percentage of hp/mp.
Screensaver: Dims the screen after a certain amount of time of the program being idle.
Remove Dead Actors: This allows you to remove incapacitated actors from the party.
Singular EXP: Allows you to have a single actor that gains exp and the rest level with him.
Blue Magic: Allows you to create characters that learn enemy skills.
Item SE: Adds a sound effect when you use an item.
Change GameOver Graphic: Allows you to do exactly what the title says.
Actor Approval Rating: Adds approval to party members that can increase/decrease depending on choices.
Level Up SE: Plays a sound effect when an actor levels up.
Gameover to Map: Sends the player to a map with 1 hp instead of a regular gameover.
No Failure Message: Allows you to specify skills that will not show the failure message.
Change Map Encounter Rate Formula: Lets you change the default random encounter formula.
No Encounter Conditions: Lets you make conditions that, if met, will result in no random encounters.
Map Actor Name Window: Shows a window on the map with the charcter’s name in it.
Mimic Event: Will let you make an event that will mimic the player’s movement.
Random Battle Transition: Does exactly what the name says. Makes the battle transition random.
One Press Sprint: This snippet will make it so they only have to press Shift to sprint, and they will have this sprinting state until they press shift again.
Map Tint Carry-Over: Will carry a map’s tint over to the battle screen.
Change MessageBack: Does as the name says. Allows you to change the “Dim” message background.
(Note: Not all snippets are listed here.)

The Snippets

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  1. I really don't know if you're still around, but I just wanted to ask you kindly if you could reupload the snippets? Their content seems amazing, but the link is broken and even your attachment in doesn't seem to work anymore...
    I know, VX isn't very popular nowadays. However, I still love using it for pretty much every RPG Maker project, so your snippets would be such a great help for me!