Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alignment System


This script adds a simple and easy-to-use alignment system to your game. This will allow the character to be good, evil, or anything in-between. You can even change it up from alignment to other stuff like Rank or Vampirism.

- Adds Alignment
- Easy to add/subtract points
- Easy to make new alignment names
- Adds alignment name in status menu
- You can add tags to equipment/skills to require a certain alignment condition


How To Use
The alignment name and value match to the corresponding one in the other array.
EX: In the default, "Very Evil" is the first name, and -100 is the first condition
This means, if -100 or lower is the value of $game_system.alignment, the
character will be "Very Evil".
How to change alignment: We have 2 command to change alignment points.
sub_alignment(points) and add_alignment(points)
In both commands, replace "points" with the amount of change you want in the
character's alignment points.
sub_alignment will subtract the amount of points.
add_alignment will add the amount of points

With the newest update, you can now use an image based bar/cursor to indicate the alignment. My good friend Xalidir was kind enough to whip up some defaults for use to use.
You need both if the bar is to be used.

Place all patches below my alignment script AND the script being patched.
YERD Status ReDux: Patch Here
Show Alignment on Map: Patch Here

Future Features
- Weapons/armor/skills dependent on alignment DONE
- Choose bewteen an in-game variable and add_alignment(points) DONE
- Suggested Features
Q: How do I add or subtract points?
A: Read the Instructions!
Q: How do I add more alignment names?
A: Add the name, in quotes, where you want to. Then add the points requirement in the same place, but in the other array.
ALIGNMENT_NAMES = ["Very Evil", "Kinda Evil", "evil", "neutral", "good", "very good"]
I added "Kinda Evil" between "very evil" and "evil". Now I must add the requirement.
ALIGNMENT_CONDITION = [-100, -75, -50, 0, 50, 100]
See how i added -75 between the requirement for "very evil" and "evil" just like i put "kinda evil"? Thats how.

Credit and Thanks
- Jet10985 (Jet, CaptainJet)
- CrimsonSeas (
- Piejamas (
- Mithran (
- Yanfly
- OriginalWij (
- Synthesis


  1. Hello plz I have a problem how can I make a skill dependent of a negative alignment like -80 when I put it in the notetag it doesn't work

  2. wheres the alignment bars images?