Saturday, September 11, 2010

Window Maker

This script is a window creator. You get to design a window, then save it as a text file that can be put into your game! This is a tool that can be used by both newbies who just wants a simple custom status menu, to a lazy scripter who doesn't want to code his own windows xD
I've had a lot of testers and such, but i'm not saying there's no bugs. I just HOPE there are no more bugs.

- Easy to use interface
- Interchangable iconset
- Codes it all for you!
- Has the option to alias into a scene for you!
- Loads of design features
- Saves a separate window load data that can be used to continue WIP windows, or just have a back-up.
- And so much more...

(to come later. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!)


OriginalWij (No Click-out scriptlet, Input Text, some code help)

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