Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time System

This is my time system. It has a whole lot of features and customization options. I have obtained opinions from users like you to know what they want in a time system. This has all the features of the time system you may already use, PLUS MORE! Enjoy.

# CHECK means the script has the feature
# WIP means it is a future feature
# Thomas Edison Compat. CHECK
# Auto-Tint CHECK
# Auto-Weather CHECK
# Auto-Season CHECK
# Time to variable/switch CHECK
# Weather to switch CHECK
# Changable Days/Months CHECK
# Military time CHECK
# Real time option CHECK
# Resting CHECK
# Map/Menu Windows CHECK
# Changable map encounters CHECK
# Map labels CHECK
# Alignment System compat. CHECK
# Skill damage differences depending on time of day. CHECK
# Update only on Map feature. CHECK
# Turn time window on/off. CHECK
# Stamina system compat. CHECK
# Weather/time effects accuracy. CHECK
# Hunger/Thirst compatability. CHECK


Q: Where do I put this script?
A: Put this script in the script edition under Materials and above Main
Q: How do i edit ______?
A: Look at the script configurations first! If you are SURE the option is not there, post in this topic.
Q: Can i freeze time?
A: Yes, you can. Look in the script intructions, or download the demo.
Q: What is military time?
A: Military time is when they use a 24-hour clock. Instead of 5 PM, it'd be 17.
Q:What is the difference between real time and script time?
A: Script time is entirely created and help BY the script. Real time draws the time set on your computer.

Mr. Anonymous
bulletxt if used with Thomas Edison VX


  1. Hey Jet.

    I cannot download the demo, apparently it has a virus? Anyhow I was wondering how I could turn off events at a specific time. Example: If it's night I would like all night characters to appear and all day characters to disappear and vice versa.

  2. It does NOT have a virus. More than likely your anti-virus is freaking out because it's a self-extracting .exe but i can assure you, there is nothing that will hurt your computer.

    Download the demo and you should have your questions answered.

  3. I am trying to use the Alignment Capability but I get this error every time I get to the Status screen.

    Script 'Day/Night System' line 1649: NoMethodError Occured.
    undefined method 'alignment' for #

    and it line 1649: if $game_system.alignment < 0 && $game_temp.light_switch

    What could be the problem?